Environmental Services

Environmental Services

Since 2002, property owners, building managers, commercial builders, and insurance adjusters have relied on Platinum Service Group for efficient 24 hour response. Our Environmental Team meticulously follows detailed protocol in accordance with all State and Federal regulations. We have the experience to find creative solutions to the most complex environmental situations. Let us show you the difference in how we are re-writing the industry norm with our specialized Environmental Team. You can count on Platinum for all your mold and bacterial contamination, remediation, and abatement needs. At Platinum Service Group we are ready and prepared to be your all-inclusive Environmental Solution Service Provider by offering quality environmental remediation services, emergency response, environmental consultation, and project staffing. Our objective for each assignment is to provide cost effective precise execution from first consultation to project completion. Our diverse project work history allows us to develop an experienced-based operations approach for all task orders and assignments. Rest assured no matter how dire your environmental situation, Platinum Service Group has most likely seen and conquered worse.

Emergency Response

Providing Emergency Response services for time critical incidents is important to Platinum Service Group in order to meet our customer’s deadlines. Platinum’s team of project managers and field techs are known in the industry for their expertise and training, specifically in response to accidental releases, natural disasters and man-made catastrophes. Platinum will move quickly and efficiently to assess the scope of remedial action required. Our objective at each incident is to provide efficient cleanup, minimize environmental damage, contain recovery costs and limit disruption to our client’s on-going operations. Platinum maintains a centralized and dedicated 24-hour, 7 day a week Emergency Response System. Our response teams and equipment can be mobilized immediately from any Platinum office location, arriving on-scene quickly, a necessity in dealing with time critical emergencies.

Emergency response services include:

  • Industrial/fixed facility incidents
  • Planning and response
  • Emergency response plans for known and unknown chemical releases
  • Pipeline ruptures and floods
  • Industrial fires
  • Comprehensive contingency planning

Site Remediation

At Platinum Service Group, we specialize in providing cost effective remediation services to a broad range of industrial, commercial, and governmental clients. We are experienced in and offer a wide variety of treatment technologies and techniques that include traditional as well as state of the art approaches to meet and solve our clients’ environmental remediation needs. We possess the capabilities, requisite skills, and experience to implement efficient and effective solutions.

Platinum Environmental currently offers the following environmental site remediation services:

  • Decontamination/Demolition
  • Lead Contaminated Soil Excavation Treatment/Disposal
  • Asbestos Abatement-Identification, Sampling, Removal, Disposal
  • Waste Containerization/Disposal
  • Heavy Metals/Pesticide Decontamination
  • Residential Excavation
  • Site Restoration

Health and Safety

Platinum takes pride in achieving the highest level of safety, quality, and performance. Training hazard recognition and safe work practices is an integral part of Platinum’s corporate culture. Our primary objective is to eliminate risk of injury or illness for all employees. To facilitate this objective, we conduct hands on training, classroom and field, in accordance with, but not limited to, EPA, OSHA, NFPA, and DOT regulations. Safety is an essential component of planning and execution for every project.

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